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Corporate entry level training :
All the Human resources absorbed into the system are given this training to go side by side with the existing system.

Business Domain Knowledge Training:

Equinox Consulting recognizes the need for the engineers working on its customer's project to be provided training on the business domain of its customers. Given the inherent nature where the engineers move from customer to customer on completion of a limited duration project, this is not always possible. Whenever necessary, Equinox Consulting provides this training in consultation with the customer by:

» Employing an Industry consultant on a short duration assignment.

The customer's domain expert provides the training to the engineer.

If possible the necessary literature is purchased to enable self-study.

In the event the engagement with the customer is on a large scale with long term commitments from either side Equinox Consulting would recruit domain experts with years of Industry expertise as fulltime consultants who would provide domain training for the various projects which run within the scope of the engagement. Equinox Consulting has successfully done this in the case of the Insurance, Banking and Securities domain, in all case where more than domain experts with over 25 years of expertise provide domain support for projects.

Having said this, Equinox Consulting wishes to state it retains with it a strong techno functional team of business analysts from various industries.

Training our existing resources:

Equinox Consulting utilizes proven processes to develop a detailed training curriculum under the client's task orders. Normally, the work is performed in three phases:

» Training Course Design,

Training Course Development, and

Training Delivery.

The steps within each phase gets expanded or contracted as defined by the scope of the individual task order. Normally, the task order will also specify the delivery methods to be developed (e.g. instructor-led training, job guides/aids, CBT, distance learning, etc.).

The training methodology followed by Equinox Consulting comprises a healthy mix of theoretical as well as hands on engineering principles and techniques in the required technology area. The trainees are given relevant Class Room Training, Hands-on practice, Case Studies and on the Job Training. In some cases training is provided by subject matter experts. Quite often Equinox Consulting uses competent and certified external faculty for these training.
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